Best Airport Transfers




How can I make a reservation?

You can either use our booking form or browse between the available cities on our homepage.


How can I modify the scheduled pickup time, add or remove a passenger or luggage?

In order to ensure best service, we recommend that you communicate in advance any change regarding passengers and luggage, since you may need a different car. To change a booking, please refer to the next FAQ


Can I cancel or change my booking?

You can cancel or modify your booking accordingly to the conditions stated in the Terms and Conditions. For changes or cancellations before 48 hours of your scheduled pickup time, please either login into your account from our home page or contact us via email or by phone. For assistance required within 48 hours from your scheduled pickup time, please call only the phone number you got on the reservation confirmation email.





Is the price shown per person or per car?

The prices shown are always the grand total to be split between the number of passengers you specified on the reservation module.


Is the price FIXED and FULLY INCLUSIVE? Are there any extra charges to pay?

According to our policy we have fixed prices, without hidden charges. In this way you pay the price shown. No extra charges are applied for diversions or traffic jams.


Will I have to tip the driver?

Tips are not mandatory, since your fare is all inclusive. However, if you are satisfied with the service received and you would like to tip the driver, you are welcome to do so.





Even though I have provided a credit card number on the booking form, once on place the driver has asked me for the payment, why?

The credit card number supplied on the reservation form is used only to secure your booking. It will not be charged, unless you ask explicitly for a payment in advance (be sure that you specify this requirement onto "Comments and instructions" box of the reservation form).


When do I pay for the booked service?

Unless an advanced payment was requested, you will pay the fare on place once you meet the driver. Credit card details supplied on the booking form are used exclusively to secure your reservation, not to pay for the service.


Can I pay the booked service in advance?

Yes. If you want to pay in advance, be sure that you specify such requirement in the "Comments and instructions" box of the reservation form. In this way, your credit card will be charged accordingly.



What happens if I arrive with additional luggage not indicated on the reservation form?

If your luggage doesn't fit the booked vehicle because it doesn't match the quantity and type indicated in the reservation form, your driver may have to cancel your booking (penalties may be applied accordingly to Terms & Conditions) or you may have to wait for a suitable vehicle, as long as it is actually available (all the related added expenses will be on your side). If your luggage requirements change, please modify your reservation to avoid any problem on the day of the trip. Since the price changes depending on the vehicle required to carry the luggage, the fare may be adjusted accordingly (it will be communcated while applying the changes to the reservation).


Can I carry large items like wheelchairs, bikes or scuba dive equipment?

We ask you to specify this need on the booking form because you may need a larger car to transport these or other bigger items (fare may be adjusted and communicated in advance, should a larger vehicle be required).




Where will I meet the driver?

For airport pickup, normally the driver waits in the arrival hall just in front of the airport's exit doors, holding a sign with the name specified on the booking form. For other pickup places, please refer to the reservation confirmation message stating the exact meeting location details.


What do I need to do if my flight is delayed or cancelled?

If your flight is delayed, you don’t need to be worried about that, since your driver constantly monitors the actual arrival time and will reschedule the pickup time at no additional charge in case of a delay. Instead, if your flight is cancelled, your will need to call promptly the phone number displayed in the reservation confirmation message, to communicate new arrival details as soon as your airline will communicate them.


What happens if I cannot find the driver?

You can call the phone number displayed in the reservation confirmation message and our local manager will guide you to the correct meeting location.


How long will the driver wait for me, while I pass the immigration & custom gates?

The driver will wait for a maximum of one hour after the aircraft's actual landing time. If you get stuck for more time than usual while clearing customs and immigration, collecting luggage or filling-out a lost baggage file, please call the number supplied in the reservation confirmation message, to ensure that your driver will wait.




Is there the possibility that I will be sharing the car with unknown people?

We do not organize collective taxis, since our transfers are always private. For this reason You will not share your car with anyone other than the travel companions indicated on your booking form.


Are infant or child safety seats available?

Yes, they are available in most destinations. Please specify the children's age on the reservation form in order to allow us to provide the proper seat.